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In AH, we could say that the Draw result is eliminated. You have only two options to bet - on Home team or on the Away team or otherwise said bet on Favourite or on the Underdog Outsider. Only two options for betting sounds great, but is it really that easy? Most of the internet authority will say that the Draw result is completely eliminated, but this actually is not really true. If you continue reading will see that there is an option to win if the match is a draw. The third option in Asian handicap betting is to be a draw with the bookmaker.

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Discover a reliable and rewarding method of making money online as a professional sports arbitrage trader. Once you become proficient and knowledgable in sports arbitrage theory you will be able to earn a very rewarding tax free income. Ensure you do as much research and practice as possible before putting you begin investing any serious money. There is a range of betting handicaps that are used in sports arbitrage including Asian Handicaps and European Handicaps, of which there are many different variables and types such as a simple EH -1 European Handicap -1 goal and the more complicated split Asian Handicaps such as AH

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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. View topic - Can any of the bots do arb trading. Our bots only work with Betfair, they do not work with bookies. Regards, Rade. The trick with sports arbitrage is to bet on all outcomes of a game, betting on both teams to win.
Andrew Colin discusses how Asian Handicap markets are open to arbitrage opportunities, resulting in guaranteed profits. This article shows how to implement synthetic Asian handicap bets, and how to construct a Dutch book so that any arbitrage opportunities arising between these synthetic bets and actual bets can be locked in to generate profits, irrespective of the outcome of the match. Expected return is of the order of 0. An Asian handicap bet is one in which a handicap is assigned to one of the competing teams. This handicap can be a multiple of a half in order to ensure that the result of a bet is always a win or a loss.
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