Teen puppies

Join Now. If you thought 'terrible teenager' syndrome was reserved for humans, think again! Puppies hit adolescence at around six months and will often become quite willful as they test the limits and assert their independence. Your puppy will probably challenge your leadership now and you may notice a sharp decline in his desire to please you! All this is exacerbated by a hormonal surge brought about by growing sexual maturity. If you haven't already had your puppy neutered, now's a good time to do it.

Adolescent Puppy Behavior

Dogs Trust Ireland

Adolescent puppy behavior is often challenging, and can be unpredictable, confusing and downright difficult. For everyone. When that tiny ball of fur you brought home just the other week or so it seems suddenly hits the 'teenage' stage it can be a bit of a shock, especially if you didn't realize that puppies even became teenagers! You can use these links to jump straight to a specific section on the page, or simply scroll down to learn all there is to know about teenage puppies

How to Deal with Your Adolescent Puppy

Courses are run on a rolling basis every Tuesday from 7pm and ALL puppies are welcome to attend, not just adopted pups! All profits from these courses go to Dogs Trust Ireland. Training will help your new puppy settle into their new home, opening up a new line of communication and developing a strong bond. Because arriving in a new home can be a stressful experience for a dog, training helps create structure and routine, giving your puppy or adult dog the best start in their new life with your family.
A guide to navigating the challenge and adventure of life with your dogs. Life with an adolescent dog can be an, um, adventure. The adolescent period starts at around six months for small dogs and eight months for big dogs.
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