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Stepping onto a nude beach in Florida isn't exactly like stepping onto the set of a sultry music video with a cast of extremely attractive, scantily-clad people. It's a little more like stepping onto the set of Cocoon. But you know what? Who cares. The point of a nude beach is to not care what anyone thinks of your body, and just be proud of what God gave you without marring it with unsightly tan lines.
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Here the sixties have never died. Its name means: island of the rising sun. One is even more special than the others. Living right under the sun, by the sea, naked, was understood as the real medicine to heal body and soul. So they founded the nudist village of Heliopolis on this little island.
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Keep your clothes on. In many places, public nudity is a serious crime that could lead to a fine or worse. Naturist resorts cater to completely clothing-free vacation seekers, so if you want to go all in or off , consider these options rather than a one-time visit to a nude beach.
Could any of you kind people please advise my wife and I on nudist beaches in Europe. What we're looking for is a nudist beach within walking distance of a holiday resort where we can stay. We know there are loads out there but trying to find ones close to resorts is not an easy task. Yes the Papagayo beaches at Playa Blanca are Natural beaches that nudists do use, mainly the furthest ones but some people even are on the nearest one, if you look on post 34 on day 4 on the trip reports thread above , I walk across them. Just for your info
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