Shower sex footrest and handle

Couples have more to rely on than the erratic placement of the soap dish the. Description: So my engineer minded husband thought all week where they should be placed in the shower. This Handle is huge, a foot long, with giant suction cups at each end that lock onto the wall. I told him he needs to rethink the placement for the next time we have shower sex—which placated him.
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6 Things That Make Shower Sex So Much Better

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How to Have Shower Sex Without Hurting Yourself

Let me preface, we don't generally have sex in the shower. It's small, and someone always has to stand directly in the water spray, that is unless we decide to turn the water off, and then we're just standing in a cold and somewhat dark cell instead of in our inviting king sized bed in the other room. All that said, I was interested when we got the Sex in the Shower Handle and Foot Rest sold separately because it addressed one of the other major issues that comes along with sex in the shower, bracing yourself. I was immediately impressed, pulling the suction cup Handle out of the box, by the shear size of it. Most of these items I've found look big in the pictures, but when you get them home they're rather tiny.
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Shower sex footrest and handle

While shower sex is hot and sexy in theory , anyone who has ever actually attempted it can agree that it is in fact, The Worst : Your mobility is super limited because you're in a confined space, the risk of slipping is somehow even more likely now that you're trying to coordinate around a whole other body, you're likely freezing water can't hit both of you at once. And worst of all, the sex actually sucks because water isn't lube and everything feels like smashing two sheets of dry rubber against each other sorry. Thankfully, there are solutions:.
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Shower sex is pretty damn hot But between height differences, soap in the wrong places, and slipping and falling, here's how to go to town on each other without the frustration. Let's start with the obvious: safety. Sportsheets has an entire line of products that help you avoid slipping and falling mid-thrust.
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