3 Tips for Take the Kids to the Alamo

Bringing the kids along on vacation means planning in advance and make sure there are plenty of activities that they will enjoy. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas is the Alamo. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the sites and appreciate the historical significance of this location. Check out Forget Memphis Im Walking In Texas for more information about another exciting location to visit in the state of Texas, Brownsville.

Tell the Story in Advance

The goal is for the kids to actually appreciate their visit to the landmark. But that can be tough if they don't know the story behind the fort and the courageous efforts of the small band of men that fought against an army, to the death. Read a book or go online to learn more about the history of the Alamo. When the kids visit, they will be able to picture exactly what happened as they walk through the halls and into the courtyard.

Explain the Required Respect for the Landmark

Once the kids know the story behind the landmark, it's important that they understand that is has earned some level of respect. Talk with them about expectations for behavior during the visit. This adds to the awe of the Alamo and also encourages them to take in all the sites without treating the area like a playground. They will be sure to keep their eyes and ears open as they wander through the space. This is also a great lesson to learn as they visit other historical sites while on vacation.

Make Sure to Check Out the Artifacts in the Church

At first glance, the kids might not be thrilled with the look of the Alamo. From the front, it seems small and rundown. However, this just follows suit with the story and the amazing odds that were against the men that were fighting to defend it. Make sure to take the kids to the church so that they can take a closer look at some of the artifacts. This is the perfect place to capture the kids' attention and get them engaged in the experience.